Literacy winners for the month of November

Handwriters of the Month
P1: Cain Murphy
P2: Emilie Mellon
P3: Finn Liddy
P4: Sean O’Loughlin
P5: Riley Duddy
P6: Katie –Rose Moore
P7: Nina Mc Namee

Accelerated Readers of the Month
P3: Aimee Barr
P4: Jamal Asharobi
P5: Cillian Murphy
P6: Caiden Saunders
P7: Mikaela Joyce

Writers of the Month
P1: Siobhradh Stokes
P2: Ethan O’Neill McLaughlin
P3: Archie Loughery
P4: Ellie Mailey
P5: Riley Duddy
P6: Michael O Connell
P7: Aiden Mc Dermott

Nessy Winners
P2: Luke Mullin
P4: Brooklyn McClearly-McFaul
P5: Liam Gillespie
P6: Brandon Page
P7: Rhys Campbell