Return to school

Hello everyone, we are all so excited to see our wonderful children back tomorrow. Please find attached a lovely family prayer for the return to school.

The start and finish times are as follows:

Year 1 : 9am – 2pm (except 1st – 3rd September)
Year 2 : 8.50am – 2.05pm
Year 3 : 8.40am – 2.40pm
Year 4 : 8.45am – 2.50pm
Year 5 : 8.50am – 2.55pm
Year 6 : 8.55am – 3.00pm
Year 7 : 9.00am – 3.05pm

Canteen will start tomorrow and the menu will be confirmed as soon as we have it.

Breakfast club will start on Monday 6th September at 8.00am.

See you all tomorrow 😁